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                                                               What is Royaty Free Music License ?


 Wikipedia – Royalty-free license refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold, or some time period of use or sales.


Standard royalty-free music license

This type of license gives you the possibility to take the recording that will be free for the last user in your media project or video. For example the video on company’s Web site or youtube, music for business presentation, free documentary, video animation or product explainer, or for an event with free entry. There are no restrictions about the downloads or views on your video product by people, as long as it stays free. This rule is valid for  all the countries all over the world and doesn’t expire.

Single-Use Standard License is for a single product or video. If you intend to use recordings for many videos in the same project or a set of training movies on a youtube channel, you can choose a Multi-Use Standard License. The best way to secure your product from not planned copyright violation in case you use again a recording acquired with the Single-Use license is to buy once. Recommendation: Then buy Multi-Use License and use it forever! 


Commercial royalty-free music license

This type of license is for paid video or audio tutorial, background music for an event, paid conference, multimedia material and means that it is not free for the last user. The license is valid for all the countries all over the world and doesn’t expire. Single-Use Commercial License comprises up to 1000 sales and only in a single commercial video or product this type of license gives the possibility to use the recording, that’s why when exceed 1000 sales, you need to buy another license to cover another 1000 sales. Multi-Use Commercial License has no restrictions for the number of sales and the recording can be used in unlimited products, commercial videos, such as a series of training videos under the same project or business name.

TV / Radio broadcast

Multi-Use Commercial License  includes TV / Radio broadcast rights.

notepad-117597NOTE:  Choose the regular license in the interests of your client, if your final video will be freely available to the viewers. For example, if you are a video producer and make a corporate video for the client, you don’t need to buy a commercial license for the recording, just choose a regular one.

notepad-117597 NOTE:   Choose a Multi- Use Commercial License if you are not sure that some of your marketing projects will be paid events, for example trade shows. This type of license covers all future use oblivious of which it’s free or not free for the last user, so, if you are a trading coordinator and want to use a particular music track in all your future projects, select this type of license.